Tips for Waxing at Home

From a complete amateur self waxer, here are some tips (most of which I've learned the hard way) on waxing at home! Have a mirror handy Waxing yourself is difficult, but even more difficult if you can't see what you're doing. Have a wax remover ready If you have baby oil, that should work fine!... Continue Reading →

August 2021 Mood Board

What better way to set the tone for a new month than a mood board? This month is a fairly big month for me, I'm starting a new job, taking a really important test (Hi, TEAS), and I'll be celebrating three big birthdays at the end of the month! I'm also actively trying to train... Continue Reading →

Find Me on Goodreads!

Hi everyone! I've officially jumped into Goodreads and am loving it. I have it connected to my kindle and update it every day, so if you're a reader and want to add me on there, my username is KellyAnn Plahs. I'm currently reading Know My Name by Chanel Miller. I'm just about to start chapter... Continue Reading →

My Unpopular Opinions

Lately I've been realizing I have some pretty unpopular opinions when it comes to all things big and small- so let's divulge! Expectations for Timelines Are a Huge No Growing up, I was always the only one of my friends who disagreed with the whole, I want to be engaged by 25, married by 26,... Continue Reading →

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