College Advice

Whether you’re starting your freshman year of college or going into the dreaded fifth year, everyone needs a little college advice here and there. I had zero expectations going into college and honestly think I had a better experience because of that.

For the past year and a half I’ve gone to an incredible community college to get my GPA up from high school and bust out my prerequisites to transfer to a four year to get my BSN. I’m a non-traditional student so I feel like a little bit of a grandma in college, especially doing the basic 101’s when you’re in class with people fresh out of high school. Although I feel a community college experience is a bit different from dorming at a four year, there’s plenty of advice to go around that’s beneficial to everyone, at every age, at any step in their college journey.

Register early and utilize rate my professor – A lot of times, your professor is half the battle. This semester is my least favorite because I had issues with my financial aid and my schedule kept getting dropped so I ended up grabbing classes last minute and honestly, I have sub par professors and it’s almost made me hate my college. Registering early will ensure that you get all the classes and professors you want.

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Stay organized – There will come a point in the semester where shit starts to get real and you’ll be grateful that you stayed organized.

Keep everything for your classes separate – Don’t become sloppy! If you start to lose motivation in the middle or end of the semester don’t just start switching binders or throwing things in your backpack. I’m struggling with this this semester just from getting lazy and it’s doing a lot more harm than help.

Be respectful to your professors, it might just help you out – honestly being kind to my professors has helped me out a time or two.

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Get involved – If you’re feeling out of place, join a club or a sport and get involved to meet some people.

If you want to do well be prepared to put in the work – I wouldn’t be where I am academically today had I not put in the work. Many people want to do well but don’t want to study outside of the classroom or say they can’t. It’s not that you can’t, it’s that you wont. Some classes will be less work than others but even the easiest of classes require a little bit of outside work.

My last class this semester isn’t until November 23rd so I have just a little over a month to go, but for everyone ending school in the next month as well, good luck to you! Finish out strong!

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Knowing When You Need To Withdraw From A Class

Imagine this… You’re walking through the jungle looking for The King only to ask him one important question. You’re passing all of the other animals who are doing their own thing but you can’t help but feel like one is staring. It’s a seemingly short journey although it feels long and exhausting. You finally find him, sitting patiently, almost as if he’s been waiting for you. You muster up the courage and ask for permission to leave the jungle. Whether or not he says yes or no will change your future in very different ways. Alas- he says yes. You leave.

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This was me. Taking the walk of shame, gathering every brave cell in my body to ask for a signature from the professor to withdraw from the class. The specific class is A&P2, a very important class I need for my nursing degree. After two weeks of self debate on staying in or withdrawing, I decided to call the nursing program I got into that I start with in the Spring of 2020. They said I would still be granted entry into the program if I withdrew and would just need to retake it with them. That was when I made the decision to withdraw from the class. The icing on the cake, dropping made me lose a good amount of my financial aid. Those of us who pay for our own college know just how big of a hit that is. So- was it worth it?

Absolutely. Yes the new financial burden is going to hurt but I will not have an F on my transcripts nor will my GPA completely plummet. Some people may argue that a W looks just as bad as an F but I personally disagree. I think it varies based on situation whether or not dropping is right for you but if you find yourself unsure of what to do, talk to your professor and to a counselor to see if there’s anything you can do. A lot of professors will work with you to boost your grade but also a lot won’t. I just so happened to have a professor who wouldn’t and wasn’t too invested in his students.

Now that I’ve withdrawn, I have more time to really focus on my other classes and am holding myself accountable to getting straight A’s this semester since I now have one less class. I wanted to share this today because I feel as though I’ve shared so many of my recent successes and I think it’s just as important to share my failures.

All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on. 

David Levithan

Kindly, KellyAnn

I’m so excited to announce Kindly, KellyAnn- a first responder owned, custom apparel and home decor (and more!) business.

In my last post I talked about having a difficult semester so far and the things I’m doing to make it a little more bearable. I mentioned getting a hobby that has nothing to do with school and how I invested some money into a hobby that I absolutely love and started a side business.

I’m incredibly grateful to announce that it has fully launched and is up & running and I would love for you guys to check it out! Whether you need a custom gift for a family member, friend or significant other or if you just want a little something for yourself- we have something for you!

Visit the link above and send me a DM if you’re interested!

Kindly, KellyAnn

Not Feeling This Semester? Me Either.

You guys. It hasn’t even been a month and I can honestly say this is the worst semester I’ve ever experienced. I’m not a fan of most of my professors, I’m taking classes that I don’t need for my nursing degree in order to make me full time so that I can still receive financial aide, and the classes I don’t need are more work than the classes that I do need.

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Needless to say, I’m feeling like giving up.

But I can’t. Because I have a goal. That I set. Plus I just made some honor roll thing so now I have to hold myself accountable to keep up with it.

Anyways– I’ve compiled a small list of goodies that have been helping me stay on track even though I’m lacking motivation and not necessarily enjoying my semester so if you find yourself in the same spot as me right now, try using some of these to help!

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1- Planner, planner, PLANNER– Get you a planner and make it a habit to take it out first thing in the morning to review your day, see what you need to do, what needs to get done, add things for future dates if necessary, etc. It took a few days for me to remember to actually religiously use it and have it be one of the first things I look at in the mornings but once I started, my productivity increased tenfold.

2- Don’t let school be the only thing on your mind– Recently, (and if I’m being completely honest, quite suddenly) I invested some money and started a side business. It completely gets my mind off of all things school and instills some balance in my life.

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3- Cheesy but remember why you started– For me personally, I do really want to continue to do well this semester as I have my seat saved for me for nursing school come Spring and I can’t let anything jeopardize that. Whatever your motivation is for getting your degree- use it.

If we’re rocking in the same boat, I’m right there with you. Don’t give up, remember your goals, pick up a hobby, and for the love of all things good- get a planner.

2 Year Anniversary!

A small milestone completely unrelated to college I’d like to share. This October will be two years since I’ve joined my EMS department and it has undoubtedly changed my life for the better in more ways than one.

Becoming an EMT made me realize how much of a care taker I am- not only medically but emotionally, and planted the seed in my heart that eventually bloomed into me getting accepted into nursing school.

Totally unrelated to the medical field, joining my department led to me meeting the sweetest love of my life that I could not be more grateful for and coincidentally, my two year anniversary with my department is my one year anniversary with him!

My EMS ventures have instilled a new type of responsibility in me, forcing me to learn to effectively stay calm and communicate with other providers and first responders and most importantly- made me realize what I bring to the table as a human being. We all like to be hard on ourselves and I’m no exception to that. I’m constantly pushing myself to be more organized, do better, learn more things, etc. But being an EMT helped me build character that opened my eyes to who I really am and what I can do for other people.

“Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”
And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Isaiah 6:8

Taking A&P During the Summer- My Experience

I want to start off by saying I went into this course with zero expectations. I’ve stated this in my previous blog posts but I am a non-traditional student and was out of high school for five years prior to going to college so after taking all of the basic 101’s, I knew A&P would be a lecture and a lab, and that’s about it.

The main pro to taking A&P over the summer was that I was able to focus on that course and nothing else- I didn’t have four other classes to worry about and it was refreshing. It also went by SO fast, so even if you feel it will be more of a stressful class for you, it’ll be over in the blink of an eye.

The main con regarding taking A&P over the summer is that I didn’t realize how much information would be skipped over until I started A&P2. The summer course I took was 4 weeks and that’s just not enough time for this specific course- even though it was Monday-Thursday all day. It can start you off on a wrong foot with A&P2 with not knowing things as in depth as you probably should. If I would’ve known this going into the course, I would’ve done a little more research to see if my school offered a longer one.

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Me when my professor says “Do you remember from A&P1…?” >>>

Overall, I had a great experience taking this class over the summer and it saved me a ton of time not having to take it during the Fall/Spring semester and I was able to just jump right into A&P2. 10/10 recommend!

An Unprofessional Professor

Here we go. After a solid year of truly enjoying and genuinely liking all of the professors I’ve had- the day has come. I have an unorganized, unprepared ball of chaos as my Spanish 102 professor this semester. I know what you’re thinking…

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“Well that’s mean”, but let me tell you what I’ve experienced with this ball of nerves so far.

On the first day, she was late. It’s all good, it’s the first day. There’s a lot going on, maybe she had a class get out right before this one, maybe she had to water her cacti, who knows. But when she came in late, ALAS- she forgot everything! Yes, that’s right folks. She stood in the front of the class, looked us all in our eyes and said “I literally forgot everything.” Damn. This is really how this is going to go, huh? I immediately pull up Rate My Professor website and look her up. Unfortunately, I was set to take this specific class with the incredible professor I had Spanish 101 with and unbeknownst to me they had gotten switched at the last minute. She has two reviews. Both confirmed that she is indeed a jumbled mess.

Day two comes. I’m hopeful! She’ll have all of the paperwork with her that she had forgotten on the first day and we will begin learning. ALAS, Ball of Chaos proves me wrong yet again. This time, without making eye contact, she tells us she once again forgot all of the paperwork while pulling every single piece of paper out of all of the five bags she’s carrying with her. Should I go to the school? I think to myself. She also failed to inform us that we had to buy the textbook through a specific website rather than buying it from our school so now not only am I confused but I’m definitely more broke than I was before as I’ve now bought the book twice.

As I have no choice but to continue to take this class with Ball of Chaos, please say a prayer for my sanity and grade.

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UPDATE: It’s week three of classes… I can’t make this up- she forgot the paperwork she was supposed to give us yet again and all she’s taught us in the three week time span is “Will you pass me the salt?”. Send help.